Green River Capital Launches Rental Asset Management & Performance (RAMP) Service

Tue July 28, 2015

Green River Capital LLC (GRC), a leading real estate company, providing a variety of REO asset management, valuation, single-family-rental (SFR) collateral review and property management services, announced today that it has launched Rental Asset Management & Performance (RAMP), a new surveillance service for single-family rental properties. The new service provides detailed performance data information on securitizations, including multi-borrower transactions, as well as managers, borrowers and properties.

Designed to collect and standardize the data needed to monitor the performance of multi-borrower securitizations, RAMP is an intelligent surveillance engine that portfolio owners, property managers, multi-borrower lenders, investors, securitizers, and servicers can use to monitor the performance of rental portfolios, including a comparative analysis of actual performance to underwritten assumptions. RAMP leverages Green River Capital’s established analytics, due diligence and surveillance capabilities, as well as the insight developed in valuing and inspecting more than 100,000 properties for institutional buyers.

RAMP provides a comprehensive deal overview, including number of units, vacancy rates, debt payments per property, gross potential and actual income, expenses and net monthly income. This information gives users a clear picture of monthly property-level performance. It allows them to create a time series that shows which properties are generating sufficient rental income to meet monthly costs. Portfolio owners can also use RAMP to gauge the performance of property managers. Similarly, RAMP enables property managers to assess the performance of tenants.

RAMP captures data from multiple sources, aggregating it into a single repository in a homogenized format for export, which can be used by the secondary market. Reports can be customized to provide both loan and property level details.

“The success of the single borrower deal has emboldened the market to expand lending options to smaller property owners—connecting Wall Street to Main Street—but, at the same time, this has also created challenges in terms of reporting, surveillance and vendor management,” said Tim Reilly, president of Green River Capital. “RAMP is fully operational; its surveillance tools give all stakeholders a granular view of their portfolios allowing them to see performance of individual properties within large and diverse portfolios.”