Component Services

Offering a variety of stand-alone component products
and loss mitigation services.

Component Services

In an effort to offer our clients solutions to their real estate management needs, we have developed a suite of services that can be used as stand-alone products.

Let us provide the heavy-lifting by performing key services that are needed, but neither easy nor economical to implement. Our sound infrastructure and agility, paired with our core competencies, allow for seamless implementation of any of these services at any point. Our component products include:

HOA Management: Verification and processing of HOA monthly dues.
GRC has created a comprehensive database of HOA information which allows us to offer clients an invaluable HOA Management service. We successfully identify the HOA where the property is situated, verify the amount of monthly dues and any outstanding balance. We will negotiate any fees, process payment to bring the account current and set up recurring payments, all as a part of the HOA Management offering.

Eviction Management: Oversight of the Eviction process from A-Z.
GRC works with local attorney firms who are well-versed in eviction and tenant laws. We collaborate together to initiate and successfully manage the eviction process within appropriate timelines and facilitate cash for relocation when applicable.

Delinquent Tax Management: Identifying tax data and processing of annual dues.
Managing property taxes is a natural fit into the suite of products GRC offers. Our tax services include verifying the amount of annual tax dues (including any past due balances), making tax payments, redeeming taxes where applicable and facilitating “assessed value” disputes, if needed.

Repair Management: Oversight of contractors and the repair work they perform at the property.
GRC has a full in-house repair team dedicated to the oversight of national and local contractors who perform work in the field. The repair team oversees the repair bids and completes the comparative analysis and negotiations. Members of this team are all highly skilled and experienced in repair management, pricing and returns.

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