Single Family Rental

Providing Single Family Rental services and solutions
tailored for the investor appetite.

Single Family Rental

Green River Capital offers a full suite of services that support clients entering the Single Family Rental space as well as fulfilling the needs of experienced institutional investors and lenders of single family rental properties.

In developing these services, GRC leveraged its expertise in real estate and capital markets to design a full end-to-end suite of products. These products include:

Assess current condition, market value and rental analysis of assets. Our valuation products include:

  • Interior/Exterior BPO
  • Appraisals
  • Desktop Reviews
  • Market Analysis
  • Residential Rental Analysis
  • Pre- & Post-Rehabilitation Inspections
  • Rehabilitation Budget & Cap-Ex Audit

Collateral Review & Validation:
Our Collateral Review and Validation services include a thorough review and validation of sponsor and/or borrower data, property documentation and loan files. All services are customized to the lenders loan guidelines or the specific needs of the securitization.   GRC issues certifications that can be used for loan originations and to comply with SEC securitization rules.

Rating agencies have identified property management functions as an area of considerable risk related to the securitization of Single Family Rentals. Our surveillance product, Rental Asset Management and Performance (RAMP), is tailored to offer clients a robust technology product that allows full visibility into operational and financial aspects of a rental portfolio and the property manager(s), providing borrowers, operators and investors the validation and confirmation that parties are operating within underwritten assumptions and market expectations.

Borrower Analysis2

RAMP is an intelligent surveillance engine that portfolio owners, property managers, multi-borrower lenders, investors, securitizers, and servicers use to monitor the performance of rental portfolios including a comparative analysis of actual performance to underwritten assumptions. It leverages Green River Capital’s established analytics capabilities utilizing key performance indicators, due diligence and surveillance capabilities as well as the insight developed in valuing and inspecting more than 100,000 properties for institutional buyers.

Vacancy Dash

RAMP provides a comprehensive deal overview, including number of units, vacancy rates, debt payments per property, gross potential and actual income, expenses and net monthly income. This information gives users a clear picture of which properties within a portfolio are performing on a monthly basis. It allows them to create a time series in order to show which properties are generating enough cash through rents to meet the monthly costs. Portfolio owners can also use RAMP to gauge the performance of the property management, and similarly for property managers to gauge the performance of the tenants.

Data Consolidation Services:
For the clients who want to do their own monitoring and oversight, GRC has full data mapping capabilities for ingesting and normalizing large amounts of data from varied resources and providing aggregated standardized data.

Primary and Back-up Property Management:
GRC has in place a comprehensive transition plan and process to minimize disruption of rental streams and tenant/landlord relationships in the event of default or if a borrower is forced to terminate a property management company. “Back-up” Property Management services can be seamlessly implemented during any stage in the rental process, offering our investor clients much needed peace of mind.

Rental Management

Green River Capital contracts with local property managers nationwide to fulfill rental management responsibilities such as overseeing any repairs needed to get the property into “rent ready” condition, marketing properties for rent, qualifying tenants, collecting rent and ensuring good tenant-landlord relationships. Additional responsibilities include paying utilities and HOA dues, initiating evictions when a tenant defaults, and liquidation services should the client decide to dispose of the property.

We maintain a network of licensed and experienced property managers who are held to the highest level of quality standards and performance by providing:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Thorough tenant screening
  • Exceptional marketing practices
  • Oversight of repairs
  • Timely rent collection
  • Detailed rental analysis

Our comprehensive surveillance tools and performance reporting, offer clients full transparency into their portfolios, from a high level summary to property level detail. Our Rental Management suite of services include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Rent Collection
  • Rental Analysis
  • Repair Management
  • Rental Marketing
  • HOA/Utilities
  • Evictions
  • Rental Disposition

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