Valuation Services

Accurately valuing real estate with local expertise.

Valuation Services

Green River Capital strives to offer products that go beyond industry standard. Our mission is to provide tools and services that help you make critical valuation decisions.

GRC excels by knowing what matters most to our clients: detailed reconciliations, quick turnaround-times, and individual tailoring of results to specific needs. An experienced staff of real estate appraisers, property managers, and licensed professionals assess the market, quantify the potential collateral risk of each property and establish a current market value.

 We offer intensive property valuation services to mortgage servicers and investment firms for the purposes of:

  • Due diligence, for bidding on performing loan, non-performing loan and REO pools
  • Establishing pre-foreclosure values
  • Obtaining and reconciling 2nd opinions to determine REO list prices
  • Rent versus sell analysis
  • Supplemental BPO values

When providing reconciled values, GRC documents how the value was derived, what and why adjustments were made and what resources were used to determine value. In establishing a current market price, GRC’s final value also assesses the validity of origination and supplemental values.

Our core valuation products include:

  • Desktop Reviews
  • Interior & Exterior BPOs
  • Appraisals
  • Specialized Property Inspections
  • Market Analysis
  • Rental Analysis & Rental Addendums
  • Pre- and Post-Rehabilitation Inspections
  • Rehabilitation Budget and Cap-Ex

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